Health care is a part of modern life and society. No doubt it is important to many of us. Plus, helping our fellow man is thoroughly moral, and the Christian thing to do. We are to love our neighbor as our self, after all. However, it is not biblical, ethical, or legal to force someone to pay or receive care for themselves or another against their will. Furthermore, any role government takes in providing, regulating, or otherwise involving itself in health care must be on the State level, not the federal level. Why? Because no such scope or delegation of authority has been given thereto. The limits and enumerated powers of the federal government do not permit such interference. In short, the nationalization of health care is an illegitimate and illegal use of federal power. It further erodes our constitutional republic and undermines our principles of government, socializing our existence, threatening, and even denying, our rights and liberties as both individuals and States.

Not only is such a violation of the 10th amendment, it is also a violation of the rights to individual liberty and property. Redistribution of wealth is not the right of government — that’s theft. Federally requiring a person to purchase medical insurance, or be fined, is not liberty. It’s oppression and tyranny. Not to mention it is a usurpation of their right to property, be it real or fiscal property, which of necessity includes their free will in acquiring, selling, or otherwise choosing to have and hold property or not. This quote form Neal Boortz, political radio talk-show host, says it all:

Never in the history of the United States has the Congress ever passed a law which required any citizen to enter into a contract with another citizen or a private business against their will … Never, that is, until now. How’s that for change?

Secondly, the particular plan put forth at present (and being signed into law today) further violates the fundamental right to life, in that it explicitly provides government funding for the performance and greater availability of abortion. It forces the American people, through taxation, to directly support and finance the murder and genocide of the unborn.

Thankfully many States recognize this usurpation and abuse of power and are lining up, following Virgina’s lead, to “kill the bill” through legal judiciary proceedings, through nullification, and through assertion of sovereignty. Are they against health care? Not at all. They are against the illegal imposition and perverted abuse of the delegated powers to the federal government in attempting to legalize and enforce such to their injury or oppression.

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  1. Chris Germany says:

    From one Confederate to another, you hit the nail on the head, brother. Keep spreading the word!

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