Bipartisian Imperialism

Bipartisian Imperialism

Being born and raised in the United States, such as it is, one can’t help but wonder if sufficient reform might be had so as to restore this nation and government to it’s original intent and premise. If such could be had I imagine many Confederates would gladly concede to a continued and willing participation in the Union, past atrocities and subjugation aside. That is not to say we would relinquish our cultural identity and heritage, but that Southern nationalism itself might be quailed, at least wise enough to reassert an amicable and constitutionally valid participation in the Union. Knowing something of human nature, especially as concerns power and politics, it is not only doubtful, but unlikely such will ever be had. Being hopeful despite that, it is clearly evident such will not be had by either of the dominant major political parties, be it the democrat or republican party.

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Real change in America would likely require a viable, morally conservative, constitutionally strict constructionist, third party. That, and an awakened, selfless, liberty loving populace no longer content or willing to forfeit their rights or heritage, however inconvenient. Such a party may indeed come to be realized in the Constitution Party. Such a populace is indeed awaking, as evident in the modern tea parties, town hall meetings, and tenth amendment center supporters.  Short of that, and perhaps in spite of it, independence and/or secession is not only our right, but our only hope. Time will tell, &  hopefully before it’s too late.

Either way, secession or reform, conservatives can no longer afford to endure the poor performance and obvious unwillingness of the republican party to make moral changes to our social landscape. They bait us with morality, only to sell us out to more big government of their own devising. The left and the right may have distinct and competitive views on many things, but big government is NOT one of them! The Bush administration and republican congress of the past decade or so are (or should be) ample proof of such to the modern conservative voter. True constitutionally valid reform is the least of either party’s concern. They are both essentially dependent on the system, such as it is, for their status, their funding, their power, and their perpetuation.

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The two major parties may not be agreed on the morality of abortion, but they’re agreed on not effecting any real change to Roe v Wade. They may not agree on how to deal with illegal immigration, but they are agreed not to effect any serious adherence of existing immigration law. They may not agree on the forms and methods of exercising federal power, but they are both agreed in it’s abuse and expansion. They may not agree on economic or tax issues, but they agreed in do nothing substantial in reforming the tax system or in settling the national debt. You see my point, don’t you?

In a day when leaders clamor for bipartisan support, with grand rhetoric and political scheming, be aware that underlying it all there is a deep seceded bipartisan agreement on imperialism. The practical truth is that the federal government is the self appointed “crown” of the modern “American Empire”, despite it’s democratic facade or claim to continuity with the old American republic and it’s ideals. No matter the bones they throw us, our major parties are agreed to use the people for their own ends, but not to truly serve the people or the republic our forefathers won and formed. Their works are witness against them of their broken oaths, and their self serving abuses, all in the name of “we the people”. One really is no better than the other when it comes to American principles and ideals, and when viewed in that light a body can hardly distinguish one from the other.

God save the South!

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