Confederate Heritage Month

Confederate Heritage Month

Recently, newly elected Governor of Virgina, Bob McDonnell, made a proclamation that April would be recognized as Confederate history month in Virginia. Because he failed to specifically mention slavery in that proclamation he has taken heat, and the racist political propaganda machine has fired up. My question is why would anyone want a mention of slavery in a proclamation setting forth the commemoration of Confederate heritage? That would certainly be altogether offensive, essentially celebrating the existence of slavery. Is that really what critics like Roland Martin, the Democratic Party, and President Obama want?

Confederate Americans do not deny the taint of slavery on American and Southern history. Rather, we choose to honor those men and leaders who bravely fought with conscience and a sense of duty to preserve there way of life, and the very principles and ideals of liberty and governance in American thought. They did not by and large fight for, and often fought in spite of, the existence of slavery among them. They understood it in the context of the times. Remembering our heritage is not about honoring slavery, nor is it meant to solicit continual apology for slavery. Rather such celebration of Confederate heritage is meant to commemorate all things noble and good about the Confederacy and the Southern people; their culture, their emblems, their values, and their way of life.

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It goes without saying that slavery was a part of that history, a sullen part in many ways, and should need not require a public denunciation with every mention of the word confederate — especially some 150 years removed. Why to do so would be counterproductive to the very purpose for setting forth the commemoration of Southern heritage in the first place, which is to revere and idealize that which is noble about our past, despite that which is not. Do we, Americans all, not celebrate Independence Day because of atrocities committed or existing within our own lands and among our people, leaders, and government (not the least of which was widespread slavery) from that time  till now?


The fact is, both then and now, the incident of slavery has so dominated the principle issues as to forever cloud and shroud them in their proper context, permitting inaccurate and culturally denigrating propaganda to be expounded and perpetrated against the South.

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Roland Martin, in response to the proclamation, even went so far as to call Confederate soldiers terrorists! Can you believe that? Men defending their homes, their lands, their states, and their principles of government, even defending their slaves (many of whom chose slavery and the Confederacy over the North’s emancipation novelty) are terrorists? Not the Northern invaders, plunders, pillagers, arsonists, rapists, murderers, thieves, and savages that brutalized Southern property, women, and children, both slave and free?

Lee a terrorist, not Sherman?
Cleburne a terrorist, not Turchin?
Jackson a terrorist, not Sheridan?
Davis a terrorist, not Lincoln?

See what lies and distortion the Yankee propaganda props up and inundates our society with still today? See the racial tension and divide it unnecessarily fosters? See the aim of Southern denigration it pursues? We do not deny the existence or stain of slavery. We deny the spin and distortion so often repeated in the prostitution of the Southern people, the exploitation of their wealth and resources, and the effective genocide of their culture.

God save the South!

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  1. Angelica says:

    Though there was a lot of social upevahal in the ’60 s, the economy for white males was humming along pretty good. And there was a mini civil war, but it was fought and won relatively peacefully thanks to MLK and LBJ. Now, the economy sucks for white males and pretty much everyone else except for the have’s. The financial system and people that got us into this mess were left pretty much untouched, jobs are an afterthought, and Wall Street is again doing what caused the economy to tank in the first place, and soon, the other shoe’s going to drop another, potentially even bigger, depression, because we apparently learned nothing from what happened just a few years ago.If we had intelligent leaders in the House and Senate, they would try to do some things abut jobs first, regulating Wall Street second, and then the inequitable distribution of wealth. But they are all bought and paid for by the corporate and individual have’s.’ So, no help there. And if there’s no help there, that’s when trouble starts.If that second depression does happen, what will happen then is anyone’s guess. There are a hell of a lot more have-not’s than have’s. But of course, the have’s will have their gated communities, and US military and Xe trained security forces. And some of them will have the option of getting out of Dodge when trouble starts. And I do see trouble coming. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But it’s coming.The wealthy in this country may yet come to rue the day that they decided that a small tax increase was not worth the price of civiliaton, because mobs are notoriously uncivilized.

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