Economy of a Free South

Economy of a Free South

Are We Prosperous Enough?

According to research performed by the League of the South we are.

They report:

Under the old method of calculating GDP (gross domestic product), which used official currency exchange rates instead of purchasing power parity, the thirteen Southern States had the world’s fourth largest economy 1990, behind the US, Japan, and united Germany. Today we have moved to the third strongest economy in the world, easily surpassing Germany by almost a trillion dollars (Southern economy: $3.548 trillion dollars in 2004; German economy, $2.741 trillion dollars in 2004).

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Under the purchasing power parity method developed in 1998 for determining GDP, the thirteen State South again has the fourth largest economy on earth. Under the new method, China’s economy has grown so fast that Asian super tiger is rapidly catching up with the entire US economy.

The GDP figures for 2005 in trillions of dollars under the new method are: