The Forgotten Slaves

The Forgotten Slaves

The general, uninformed consensus today seems to be that slavery was primarily a racist proposition, rather than an economic one. An associate of mine even recently declared that white people have never been slaves, citing that as some sort of proof that slavery was largely a white supremacist or racist institution, and found  its “most egregious” form in the antebellum South.

His exact words follow:

There is not much greater racism… than to think that the color of one’s skin is the determining factor in the question of whether he or she can be owned by a WHITE person.

Then later still:

Whites were not owned as slaves, and in our hemisphere slavery was perpetrated almost exclusively by the whites on the blacks. … Slavery in the US was about the most egregious form of racism.

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There were white racist slaveholders in the Confederacy, no doubt. But what my friend, and many others, fail to realize is that there were also free Blacks who were slaveholders, and even Indians who were slaveholders in the South — not to mention the North! The fact is slavery was neither entirely a racist, nor a Southern proposition.

Of peculiar interest for this post is the fact that whites are not exempt from the role of subservient in the history of slavery. Indeed the very word slave itself originates from the white eastern European, formerly enslaved people, called “Slavs.” Not to mention the white slave trade that existed in Britain and the American colonies.

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Indeed white slavery existed here before African servitude. The Irish were particularly abused to this end, as were children sold into slavery as laborers in mines and factories. Never mind the slave trade of the Barbary coast, where white Christians were enslaved to Arab and Black Muslims.

Does this justify African servitude, or somehow make slavery itself more amicable and palatable? Not in the least. But it does show the depths to which the social indoctrination of Yankee propaganda concerning slavery in the South has reached into the recesses of the modern mind.

God save the South!

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