Gather Your Armies

Gather Your Armies

Rick Barber, Alabamian Congressional candidate, has created quite a stir with his recent youtube advert titled “Gather your armies.” In the video (shown below) Barber is delivering a speech to American revolutionary era characters. Other props of interest seen on the table are the bible, the Constitution, and a musket ball revolver. As he details a list of grievances with the modern federal government he calls for support from these historic and heroic representatives of American ideals.

The idealistic undertones in that are impressive, and they should evoke patriotism in the knowledgable observer. However, some are interpreting this as a literal call to armed resistance or uprising against the federal government. Why? Because at the end of Barber’s speech the “general” says to “gather your armies.” It is obviously a call to revive the revolutionary American spirit against tyrannical ideologies that threaten our divinely given rights, natural law, the virtues of liberty, and the governing principles of the American republic.

For political purposes the “armies” to be gathered are the masses of voters and otherwise politically illiterate citizenry. The arms to take up are our freedom of speech and right to vote. After all, if our founding fathers would literally take up arms to throw off the galling yoke of tyranny then surely that same spirit should stir us enough to stand up for Constitutionally valid and limited government, honoring and maintaining that blessing of liberty bequeathed to us our founding documents and institutions, by demanding adherence thereto of present leadership while choosing accordingly during elections.

Are you curious about what is causing all the fuss? Here, see for yourself.

Now, I don’t think Rick Barber was calling for a literal armed uprising. Do you? I think he was merely saying that we need some of that patriotic, red blooded, American resolve to boil in our political veins and minds once again.

Nevertheless, the right to keep and bear arms was included in our bill of rights for that express purpose — to arm the people so that they could, if needed, rise up against tyrannical abuses and invalid governance. Such could once again become necessary, especially if the current trends and forms continue, and if we truly value and desire liberty for ourselves and our progeny. That is, unless we mobilize now and take the fight to the ballot box.

The video was a metaphor, and the message valid.

Being an Alabamian myself, I will break from my usual custom of signing off using Confederate Mottos (i.e. Deo Vindice, & God Save the South). Instead I employ our State’s motto.


Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere
“We Dare Defend Our Rights”
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One Response to “Gather Your Armies”

  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Barber was unsuccessful in getting the nomination he sought in this campaign. We wish him success in future endeavors.

    That said, we think His understanding of history regarding slavery and the causes of the war could use some adjustment. Nevertheless, we’ll give him a bit of pass, for now, seeing that most folks have been deluded of the balanced truth of the matter by subjection to generations of drivel from an essentially Yankee controlled educational system.

    That, and the fact that space was limited in this follow up ad you may not have yet seen. To view click and/or copy and paste the link below:

    However, we really like the comparison he made regarding forced labor and slavery. It was true when the North used such against supposedly “free” citizens and employees, including children, in it’s sweat factories and mills, all the while hypocritically condemning African servitude in the South. And it’s true of similar socialist abuses and unconstitutional usurpations by government today.

    Bravo Rick, you’re a brave soul and a refreshing political voice! Would to God that more lovers of freedom and the principles of liberty would rise to seek office. We would all be alot better for it.

    God is Vindicating!

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