Arizona — The New South Carolina?

Arizona — The New South Carolina?

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I guess it really didn’t. Still, I was shocked and appalled all the same. I had just set down to lunch with my daughters at Hamburger Heaven in Homewood, Alabama when I heard the news from the TV overhead and behind me. The federal judge had, for the most part, ruled Arizona‘s illegal alien legislation invalid. What’s more disturbing is that here I am in the “Heart of Dixie“, at a popular chain during lunch, with a fair amount of folks in the place. None are listening, nor do they seem concernced with the matter. In Alabama! Where out state motto means “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

Something just doesn’t seem right with that picture.

At that, a  young lady was steadily working, cleaning the dining area, who was unmistakably of Hispanic orgin. As I left I struck up a conversation with her, in broken Spanish. She returned the commiunication, and added enough broken English to compensate for our language gap. She was sweet, and I respectful. I don’t dislike her, nor do I judge her because of the color of her skin, nor the place of her origin. She is an eternal soul and creation of God the same as I. Nevertheless, in all likelihood, she was also an illegal imgrant. THAT bothers me.

I don’t yet know enough to know if any of Arizona’s legislation was actually invalid, even to my own understanding of Constitutional law and principle. However, I know enough about the illegal additions to our Constitution since the war between the States, and the ever growing abuse and usurpation of power by a bloated, bureaucratic, socialist leaning federal government, as well as the dilution and reinterpretation of the intent of that governing document by liberal judges, & bench legislators, to know not to trust their ruling or intentions. Besides, if the federal government were proactively enforcing legal immigration, as it should, there wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place, now would there? Instead Arizona is painted a bigoted, uncaring, racist lot for seeking to protect itself, it;s rights, and it’s citizens while liberal factions and the federal government only further act in their own interest, not the general welfare, to the detriment of our union.

Personally, I hope Arizoan defies them. I hope they take they’re stand. I hope other liberty loving tsates will join them, and reassert their sovereinty not only in principle but in action. I know not yet if Arizona will be the next South Carolina or not. Yet if they decide to stand it could be the catalyst needed to finally rally the States form slumber, and away form the federal teet, breaking this abusive and tyrranical federal government enough to at least change the errant tide of political thought and practice in this nation — giving liberty a chance to reform and reclaim our republic. If not then at least it will let us know that secession is the only hope for liberty.

Stand Arizona. I pray Dixie, all likeminded States, & any liberty loving citizens stand with you.

Deo Vindice & God save our borders!

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  1. hillbilly says:

    i live in morristown tn but if an outsider visited they would think they were in mexico.back to my thought iwas working in cherokee north carolina on friday near the casino and visited a local business for some reason hispanics was brought up and iwas suprised to what i was told.the shop owner proceeded to tell me that the construction on the casino was being done by mostly hispanics when i asked why they told me that the indians were lazy and would not work same goes for the white people .every one always says we need jobs but when the work is there nobody wants to work .everybody wants a free ride.its the governments fault the country is in the shape its in and it all started with clinton and his nafta free trade agreement.

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