Why Celebrate Independence Day?

Why Celebrate Independence Day?

Some 230 years ago the American colonies declared their independence, the necessity of consent of the governed, the premise of Divine endowment of inalienable rights, the purpose and end of government, the invalidity of tyranny, their grievances of abuses under the British crown, and each their individual sovereignty. Their cooperation therein implicated the association between them that would eventually lead to their forming as the United States of America under the Constitution. That day, improperly called the birth of our nation, is momentous and of first importance in our history and heritage.

The day is important, and worthy of remembrance, because inherent in the declaration is the official conception and announcement of American idealism and liberty. From the womb of it’s independence and ideology would be birthed our nation. Those free and independent colonies would eventually unite in novel fashion as one nation consisting of cooperative, yet free, and sovereign states. They attempted this first under the articles of confederation, but seeing error therein, would secede therefrom and reunite under the Constitution, thus finally becoming the United States of America.

Therefore we find cause to celebrate and memorialize this day for all Americans, even Confederate Americans who long for Southern independence, as it not only designates the charter of those principles we hold dear, so fundamental to our political ideals and moral compass, but as testament to the sovereignty of states, the right of secession, and the justness of our cause.

God Bless America, & God Save the South!

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