Lincoln’s Plan, Emancipation & Deportation

Lincoln’s Plan, Emancipation & Deportation

It is no secret that Lincoln was a racist, advocating for white supremacy up to and even after his election and inauguration as President of the United States of America. However, some fancy that the war significantly changed his views regarding slavery, racial equality, and the like. While there is no doubt that the war had an effect on the understanding of many on these issues, and no doubt Lincoln as well, it is yet too much to say that Lincoln abandoned his racist views on segregation and racial inequality. And this even after his infamous proclamation of emancipation.

It is fairly common knowledge that his “emancipation” did nothing to actually free any slaves in the United States themselves. Rather, it purported to free only those slaves of Southern, or Confederate, States. The emancipation, such as it was, was pure strategy and nothing more. Lincoln cared not to free black men, only to prevent the South from hindering or stopping what ultimately amounted to the essential conglomeration of “the Union” (of these united states) into a nation, and thus the federal government (an agent of the states in compact) into a national government.

Here comes the interesting part, and the inspiration for this article. What I had not before realized was that Lincoln maintained his prejudical views regarding color, his belief and intent to deport blacks back to Africa, and essentially to make America a “white” nation. If there be any doubt about this consider his very words, given some time after and concerning the emancipation proclamation itself, quoted below:

I have urged the colonization of the negroes, and I shall continue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this plan. There is no room for two distinct races of white men in America, much less for two distinct races of whites and blacks. I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the negro into our social and political life as our equal…. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed of, with millions of an alien, inferior race among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable” [address delivered at Washington, D.C.; in Roy P. Basler, The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Volume V, pages 371-375]

The South, like the North, had it’s share of racists. And slavery, legal though it was, North or South, could not but be at odds with the principles espoused in that declaration affirming our right to independence and freedom, and their divine endowment, issued by the colonies themselves. Such contradiction in principle vs practice could not but at some point, and in some fashion, come to a head. Indeed it was moving that way, and would have done so (on either side of the Mason Dixon) irregradless of the secession or retention of the Southern states.

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Nevertheless, perhaps the greatest con pulled off on African Americans, both from then till now, was to enshrine Lincoln as their “Great Emancipator” and bringer of equality. Such is tantamount to hailing Hitler as the friend of German Jews

Thankfully slavery, as they knew it, no longer exists in the North or South. Nevertheless, at what an awful and needless cost did these aggressive measures instigate that conclusion which would have invariably been reached, and that surely more amicably and peacefully than as transpired under either Northern conquest or occupation. The fact is Lincoln and the United States government was no more the friend of the Black man than the Confederacy, and I reckon less.

Deo Vindice!

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5 Responses to “Lincoln’s Plan, Emancipation & Deportation”

  1. Excellent post! The quote from Abraham Lincoln reveals who he really was – the total opposite of what is being taught in our government run schools.

  2. charles says:

    If this is so. Then why didn’t Pres. Johnson carry on in Lincoln’s foot steps?

  3. I suppose because President Johnson didn’t share Lincoln’s sentiment or plan in that regard. Irregardless, Lincoln’s own words about the matter are there to be seen by all who will see. The man was a racist, and no where near the hero and savior of African Americans he has since been portrayed as.

  4. KenHorst says:

    A nation is DESTROYED when the genetics/race that founded the Nation is destroyed through mongrelization or immigration.
    Even the Thomas Jefferson Monument is a Communist Jew deception; in that, Jefferson in NO WAY wanted America to be mongrelized with Blacks.  The Jefferson Monument is the exact opposite of what Jefferson actually said.
    All this is proof of, is that this Nation of America is purposely being destroyed by mongrelization and immigration of 3rd world filth in a planned conspiracy by Satan’s chosen children – International Jewry.
    An eagle makes an eagles nest, as does a blackbird make a blackbird’s nest or a bluebird a bluebird’s nest.  Likewise, a negroid makes a certain civilization as does a mongoloid or caucasoid.  Its called basic biology.

  5. Ashburton says:

    The quote included above relating to the Emancipation Proclamation may be of interest to the author of the article, however, historians writing on Lincolns’ attitude to the African-American populace during the time period in question have acknowledged quotes as such for many years and continue to do so. It is no new news that Lincoln was not a perfect man- thus society should not omit that he was a bad man (nor a man who was ‘no more a friend of the blacks than the Confederacy’). Certainly not a man comparable to the likes of dictators like Hitler.

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