All Hail Obama!

All Hail Obama!

Obama‘s recent executive order loosening deportation policy is unfortunate for a number of reasons. Not only has he skirted Constitutional principle and process, he has abused the feelings and sentiments of Hispanic voters, and has exploited the plight of illegals here — especially the children. Like Lincoln and the slaves before him, Obama plays the illegal alien card for the political advantage it affords him. Whatever concern he may have over the issue seems negligible compared to his desire to lock in the Hispanic vote in the hopes of re-election as his term nears its completion.

One need only ask themselves why he hadn’t made this kind of move before, if he really cared about the children of illegal immigrants? One should also ask why he would wait and make this move now, despite his admissions previously that such was outside the scope of his authority and the law? Watch the video clip below, from last March, and see for yourself.

Like Lincoln, Obama tramples the Constitution in order to achieve his corrupted and unconstitutional vision of America. A vision that obviously ends in the eventual transformation of our republic into something else entirely, if not a prelude to its eventual downfall. Can you say “Hail Caesar!”?

Unfortunately such betrayals aren’t isolated to any one party or person. I haven’t much faith in our elected leaders otherwise, nor presidential hopeful Romney, to actually end federal abuse or restore our union to the rule of law. Imperialism has proven to be an insatiable bipartisan addiction.

God Save the South

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