White Only Christian Conference

White Only Christian Conference

Here’s some footage about the “white’s only” Christian conference going on here in Alabama this week. Too bad I only learned of it yesterday. I would have liked to have attended, gotten some footage, and reported about it here on TCA. I’m a born again, bible thumping, gun toting, rebel flag waving, Southern born, white Christian. I reckon they would have let me in. Albeit, I don’t think they would have liked my report, nor my rebuke at their untenable beliefs in the name of Christ.

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi
White Only Christian Conference Footage

That said, I respect their right to peaceably assemble, to freedom of speech, and to the practice of their religion. So long as they do not harm others, however misguided their views, they have a right to the fee exercise of the same. And we have the right to speak out against them for it as well.

Unfortunately many will accept this as a caricature of the South, and of Alabama. We have had more than our share of a history with racism, no doubt. Nevertheless, such should not and does not define what it means to be Southern or Alabamian. Nor should continued racism and bigotry rightly be associated with the emblems of our heritage, anymore than they should the Bible or the American flag (which are also used by “supremacist” groups). Nevertheless, such reflects poorly on Dixie and Christ. After all, Jesus Himself (a Jew) wouldn’t be welcomed there!

And it touts itself a Christian conference ???

As a reminder TCA is about heritage, not hate. We advocate pride, not prejudice. We respect human equality, and we deny supremacy or racism.

God Save the South

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  1. ErickaBabe says:

    Read the Paul Ryan doctrine in a book titled “Land of Diminished Distinctions” from Amazon. Worth reading in the spirit of preserving heritage.

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