The Confederate American Is

As noted on our home page, The Confederate American (aka Confederate Blog or ConfederateBlog.com) is a blog dedicated to the preservation of our culture, the celebration of our heritage, and the exploration of any relevance such may have on America and the South today. Briefly stated we are Southern enthusiasts!


  • By preservation of  our culture we refer to identifying, esteeming, and perpetuating the ideals and characteristics distinctive of the Southern way of life. This would include our historic predilection towards chivalry & hospitality, our closeness to nature & an agrarian way of life, our love of leisure & social activity, our vibrant faith & high morals, our forms of speech, and of course our foods.
  • By celebration of our heritage we refer to embracing, commemorating, and defending the Confederacy and it’s cause. This would include our right to secession & independence, our heroic forces & selfless ancestors, our honorable dignitaries & sacred memorials, our patriotic songs, and most assuredly our emblems.
  • By exploration of relevance we refer to understanding, idealizing, and implementing the aforementioned in a way that positively impacts both the Southern people and the political status of America. This would include educating on the principles and scope of our governing documents, reaffirming the constitutional limits of the federal government and the sovereignty of States, pursuing needed reforms to effect the restoration of the republic to the original intent of our founding fathers, or else the reassertion of  independence.

The Confederate American is not

There is no denying the existence of slavery and racist notions, which are interwoven in the fabric of both American and Confederate history. However, such is often misunderstood and proportionately misplaced, wrongly painting the South as a  racist, bigoted, morally inferior, and villainous foe to the otherwise glorious emancipating North. Such is not the case!

While we intend to present a more accurate and balanced perspective in regards to slavery and racism in our joint culture and heritage, we cannot deny that racism, and more so slavery, existed in the South. However, this site is not, nor will it’s use be allowed to become, a platform for racism.

    We promote heritage, not hate.

    We provoke pride, not prejudice.

We honor the sanctity of human life, for God has “made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:26). Which truth attests to the essential equality of all men, irregardless of their race (and yes, we purposefully used the term irregardless over regardless). Besides, the Confederacy consisted of many loyal black men, both free and slave. It even had a diverse group of minorities, including Jews and Muslims!

What The Confederate American is not is racist.